Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Today I had 2 scrambled egg whites, a piece of whole wheat toast (no butter or jam of course), and a few sliced strawberries. Then I had a small handful of almonds as a snack. My lunch consisted of a mixed green salad with grilled chicken and balsamic vinegar. I decided on a yogurt to hold me over until dinner. Then I had a few bite sized pieces of chocolate, two raspberry filled cookie and triple serving sized cupcake. Oh crap.

I officially suck

Sound familiar? What exactly is it that causes us to derail from the good eating band wagon to the disco fries and gravy train? We start our day off motivated, strong, and full of positive energy. Then slowly the urge creeps up and of course impossible to get rid of until we shove a pint of ice cream down our throats. Nothing is more displeasing than a day’s worth of good eating down the toilet, or reversing the calorie deficit created by a torturous workout. I remember what seems like a far away place and long, long time ago where staying on track was no sweat for me. I’d turn down all sorts of foods without thinking twice. Now if I oppose, my mind becomes completely enthralled in the notion of having to have something, anything. I used to be really, really good about my calorie counting. For whatever the reason is now, counting calories just doesn’t seem to hold weight with me anymore. I’ll start recording them just to quit when doughnut time rolls around. It is so easy to quit the things that actually make us feel good, like working out or logging food consumption (and being at our target calorie intake), and so hard to break those that bring false happiness like blueberry muffins, gummy worms, and peanut butter anything.


As part of “my recovery”, and yours, I am vowing to log the entirety of each day’s food consumption. Good or bad (yikes!) I’m creating another section of the blog labeled “My Daily Plate”. Here I will dish out ALL of the foods I had consumed the previous day. No lying, no cheating (well maybe), 100% of everything listed. I encourage you to do the same. Feel free to post your own daily diet here as well. Compare and share with others. If you had a really crummy binge day and want to vent, feel free to scream your head off doing so. If you had a kick ass, on track, not one moment of binge, well then you damn well rock and should brag about it. The purpose of this is to feel united in our struggle. Maybe some good vibes will circulate and jump start that extra boost we need to break our ways.

“Please read my diary, look through my things and figure me out” -Kurt Cobain


One thought on “Dear Diary

  1. I absolutely love your post and agree with everything you said! I’ve only just started my blog and hope it will aid in recovery, I’ve never been able to keep up with my journals and this very well may be what will keep me on track. Can’t wait to see more, best of luck=]

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