First and foremost, thank you for following sex, lies, and cupcakes! Having a base of people compelled enough to jump on board and follow along is a feeling of incredible satisfaction for any first time blogger. So THANK YOU!

Secondly, I am a big liar. Yup, a big, fat, liar. I have not posted (with the exception of one “good” day) to “My Daily Plate” as promised. This section is much harder than I expected. I am not giving up, just not giving in, not yet at least. Please let me know your thoughts, opinions, or any jabs you may want to throw out about what a pansy I am being.

Also, I’m re-titling the tag line. No big deal, I know, but just thought I would give you all a heads up. Truth is, it takes a hell of a lot more time than I expected to write a quality post every day. I find it silly to not live up to the “365 days” if I simply am not posting consistently. So in an attempt to keep the grade “A” posts flowing, I’m going to have to sacrifice quantity for quality. I’d rather fill your inbox with useful posts and not my daily, unnecessary babble in order to fill voids between good posts. I’m sure you would all agree 🙂

Thanks again!!



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