Photo Credits

A great big THANK YOU to all of the photographers that have created amazing shots for public use. Wish I could take credit, but I can’t and these guys are just so damn good! Here are credits to all of the photos used in “Sex, Lies, and Cupcakes”.

“The Anti-Social Butterfly” –Woman with butterfly in curly hair
© Mirma –

“Dear Diary” –Happy woman enjoying tea and cookies
© chesterF –

“Type Three Diabetes: The Binge Eater’s Diabetes”- Subcutaneous abdomen insulin injection with syringe
© Dmitry Lobanov –

“Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire” – Feuer
© Dreadlock –

“Trigger Happy”- Pistol in a plate on the served table
© Oleksii Sergieiev –

“Sweet Reads”- still life with sweets and books
© evgeniakis –

Sex, Lies, and Cupcakes Static Photo– Copyright: Zaretska Olga

*To all photographers: If you feel you work is wrongfully being used and do not agree with the medium it is being used for please contact me for prompt removal. 


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